A paradise in your life

Take a break, enjoy your hobbies and new experiences once every quarter or more often, as you wish. live aboard club has designed for you a new, unique and exclusive service that allows you to stop being an occasional tourist or traveller to become a regular visitor, a Majorca expert and lover.

Mallorca, object of desire

Throughout history, many generations, people and personalities have visited Majorca living their marks and turning it into a land full of contrasts and with a great cultural wealth.

The forests, the white sand beaches, the amazing cliffs, the rocky small bays, the sea, the mountains and the landscape in general have seduced visitors since ancient times.

A different experience

Nowadays, there are many occasional tourists who enjoy the island as one of the main holiday destinations worldwide.

Some people, perhaps you too, wish to go beyond, to choose a different alternative, more intense and complete, to really get to know the island and to experience it in every possible way.

To really get to know Majorca means to love it

History, architecture, celebrations, musical and artistic events, gastronomy, sport activities, nature, business, health, trade, crafts…

The privileged Majorcan weather makes it possible for you to make your dream come true at any time of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. If that is what you want, live aboard club can offer it to you.


In January, Palma's patron saint's day takes place on the occasion of Saint Sebastian's Day (Sant Sebastià). During the week of January 20, a complete program me full of events inundates the streets and squares. Saint Anthony's Day (Sant Antoni), which takes place on the 17th of January, is also celebrated in many Majorcan villages. The celebrations, the bonfires and the demon and fire parades always surprise and shiver even the bravest visitors.


In February, white and green cover the island, since the vast almond tree fields are in flower.


In March or in April, depending on the year, the religious processions play a very important role in Easter. In some places, the scenography and the music that accompany the drama performances make such ceremonies very spectacular. It is also a good time to enjoy the great amount of dishes and desserts of that time of the year.


Agricultural, cattle, industrial and craft fairs, gastronomic exhibitions, book fairs, wine fairs, medieval fairs… In April and all year long, many villages of the island present their economic and traditional activities through this kind of fairs, which are always visited by a great amount of people.


In May, Majorca hosts the only fair specialised in flowers, horticulture and gardening on the island. The streets and squares of the small village of Costitx are invaded by plants and flowers, offering a beautiful and colourful spectacle.


On the evening of the 23rd of June, the magical St. John's Eve, people have the tradition of going to the beaches of Majorca to welcome the summer. According to the legend, those who participate in such rituals will be protected and be lucky throughout the year.


In July, Our Lady of Mount Carmel's feast, patron saint of the sailors, is celebrated in many coastal villages with a traditional maritime procession made up of many illuminated boats decorated with flowers that at dusk accompany the Virgin on a maritime trip while the music plays.


The Virgin of the Angels (Virgen de los Ángeles), a feast that takes place in August, is the patron saint of Pollença, a village especially known because every year, in the midst of locals and foreigners, a mock battle between Muslims and Christians takes place to remember the pirates that attacked the village in 1550.


September is the grape harvest time of the year, with all the rituals and celebrations that all that entails in a place with a huge wine tradition.

The 12th of September is Majorca's Day, a day that commemorates James II oath regarding the frankness and privilege document of the Kingdom of Majorca. For over a week and mainly in Palma, different activities are organised: a latin-rig regatta, a slingshot contest, trot races...


In October, a cultural fair in Búger recreates the imaginary world of the traditional Majorcan tales (rondaies). The main streets of the village are decorated to recreate the scenes of the most famous tales.


Dijous Bo (Good Thursday), which takes place in November, is the most important and multitudinous fair in Majorca, since every edition registers around 200,000 visitors. It puts an end to the autumn fairs of Inca, which have been documented since the 14th century. This agriculture, cattle, craft, industry and food fair presents a great amount of stalls and exhibitions of all kinds, in addition to a wide activity program me.


"Ses Fonts Ufanes" spring is a singular and natural phenomenon unique in Majorca. At the end of the year, this spring, located in a magical holm oak grove on the inland of the island, is inexistent at the beginning. However, it then starts emerging with a pressure between one and three cubic metres per second. This curious phenomenon can be seen between three and seven times every year.

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